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Introducing ENAIA  for Small and Medium sized companies. Our user-friendly platform is designed to help SMEs integrate AI solutions into their business processes with ease, driving growth and maximizing the power of their data.

Take your AI solutions to the next level with ENAIA

 ENAIA makes it easy for you. Our multimodal platform allows users to combine diverse data types, such as text, images, signals, and numeric data, to create more comprehensive and accurate predictions and insights. Unlock the power of AI. Get Started Today!

The perfect technology for your company

Label your data, create examples to train your AI and deploy it with ease. Combine Human-friendly Data and Machine-Friendly Data to maximize your results.

Simple integration with our API

Easy integration with your CRM, ERP, BI, MES and other profesional software, in order to maximize the results and view them directly on your work applications.

Save Money & Time

ENAIA has a high economic impact in favor of your company, improving efficiency and reducing costs. Our continual learning technology will ensure constant improvement of your AI.

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Machine Learning Solutions for small and medium sized companies

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The Aiaas Platform

How to use ENAIA in just a few steps

Transform your data with the power of AI.

ENAIA is a live AI, capable of adapting to your needs, continuously learning in order to maximize performance and automate different businesses processes with ease.

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Keep up to date with the latest news in AI. Discover how businesses are integrating  machine learning solutions to their growth strategy.

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