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What is AIaaS?

Everything you need to know about Artificial Intelligence as a Service

Within the technology industry and a wide variety of sectors it is common to hear about Software as a Service (SaaS), a software distribution model where the support and the data it handles are hosted on servers of an IT company, which are accessed via the Internet from a client. However, Artificial Intelligence as a Service, or AIaaS, is still a relatively new or not very widespread concept.

BUT WHAT EXACTLY IS Artificial intelligence as a service?

Artificial Intelligence as a Service [AIaaS] explains a modality used to describe a third-party service that provides advanced AI solutions to businesses for a subscription fee. This type of service represents a great opportunity for any company, which would otherwise find it difficult to implement Artificial Intelligence, because of the investment, human resources and infrastructure required.

In the AIaaS model, the module that delivers the AI results can be installed in the customer’s system or in the provider’s system. However, the training always requires connection to the provider’s cloud.

Thanks to AIaaS, Artificial Intelligence is achievable for many companies that can apply it to improve their sales and customer service. AI is also used for forecasting, automating any process and can be integrated into products to provide them with amazing features.

AI as a service [AIaaS] makes it possible for businesses of all types and sizes to access AI for a variety of purposes without a large upfront investment and with less risk.

Undoubtedly, AIaaS is a boost for the Digital Transformation of companies worldwide, given the immense benefit it can provide to all types of companies regardless of their size or sector. 

What are the benefits of using AIaaS platforms such as ENAIA?

No knowledge of programming or Artificial Intelligence is required for its use

AIaaS makes Artificial Intelligence accessible to all companies, even those that do not have data scientists or AI experts in their teams.

Rapid Deployment

Implementing effective customized AI and Machine Learning models is time-consuming and financially risky, often making them unfeasible for most companies. The AIaaS model accelerates deployment and eliminates uncertainty.

Cost savings

AIaaS platforms eliminate the cost of setting up and managing a physical data center, making it a cost-effective option for enterprises. In addition, they help reduce hardware and maintenance costs and allow enterprise IT teams to focus on their core business.

Easy usability

Machine Learning End-to-End services, such as ENAIA, automate the entire AI lifecycle (data processing, training, deployment…), incorporating both the state of the art and their own R&D. It also includes a super-intuitive interface for user management.

Investment Transparency

AIaaS platforms like ENAIA allow companies to pay-as-you-go and also enable greater control over automation through the human-in-the-loop (HITL) option.

HITL means that process owners give feedback to the AI in extreme or one-off cases with the goal of achieving a level of AI perfection that a human or machine could not otherwise achieve.


AIaaS platforms such as ENAIA are able to grow in magnitude, adapting and learning from any process to seek maximum performance. AI is in continuous training, growing and perfecting itself day by day.

Outstanding services

Thanks to the AIaaS model, the customer can benefit from services such as continuous learning (the artificial AI improves its performance over time), active learning (the AI informs the user of doubtful cases so that he can make a judgement and incorporate them into his training) and automated monitoring (an alarm system for anomalous results).

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  • Nor does it require programming or Artificial Intelligence knowledge for its implementation and use.
  • Any developer can integrate it via REST API in the applications used by your company.

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