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The 5 key benefits

that ENAIA’s machine learning

can bring to a small business

Is ENAIA’s Artificial Intelligence a tool applicable to a small company?

Entrepreneurs and small business owners may think of AI as a tool only available to large companies with big budgets, but nothing could be further from the truth. ENAIA can help companies of all sizes eliminate time-consuming repetitive tasks for their employees and can help forecast future purchases, as large companies do, among many other valuable tasks, without high costs and with a simple implementation.


Artificial Intelligence and its application in multiple sectors is advancing at a dizzying pace given the infinite opportunities it offers to companies of all types and sizes.

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Companies of different sizes and sectors perform tasks on a daily basis that do not add any value but, nevertheless, represent a large investment in time and, consequently, in costs.

Organizations are increasingly aware of the need to rethink their processes in order to optimize their human and material resources to the maximum.

In our day-to-day work, we find businesses with very different problems for which the solution is the same: the implementation of Artificial Intelligence in their processes.

Today we focus on the 5 most important benefits a small business can gain by working with ENAIA:

Evaluate and categorize potential customers

Machine learning can help small businesses better identify potential customers and provide them with crucial information in order to impact them effectively and get better results.


Identify successful product in the development phase

ML can help automate the product development process. By using artificial intelligence, it can predict which products are likely to be successful and thus entrepreneurs can save time and money by freeing up resources for more viable actions or products.

Analyze the data

Many entrepreneurs and small businesses do not have enough budget to be able to work with a data analyst. In this sense, machine learning is a perfect way to cover the analytics base without the cost of implementing an analyst on the team.

Eliminate repetitive tasks

Small businesses should look to AI/ML technologies like ENAIA to help employees eliminate time-consuming daily tasks so they can focus on higher-level work. In addition to saving time, it will increase employee motivation.

It identifies buying patterns and helps to understand consumer behavior

This technology enables you to better understand your customers’ needs, identify buying patterns and any changes that need to be made to make your company’s product/service offerings fit the needs of the market. Based on the analysis of these behaviors, it allows them to make a prediction of short-term purchases, reducing storage and supply chain costs.

Artificial Intelligence is a revolution. Take advantage of it to optimize your company regardless of your sector or size and improve processes with ENAIA our autonomous, Multimodal and constantly learning AI, without large investments, in a simple way and without the need for programming or AI knowledge.

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ilustración de objetivos de empresa. innovación

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