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¿Cómo elegir a un buen proveedor

de inteligencia artificial?

In this video, Mikel Elkano, CEO of the ENAIA developer company, explains the key points to picking a good Artificial Intelligence provider. The Artificial Intelligence market is wide-ranging and offers a plethora of providers and solutions. However, not all companies need the same thing.

Extract from the talk on “El Valor del Dato y la Inteligencia Artificial” (The Value of Data and Artificial Intelligence) from the #CENDigital sessions organised by CEN Navarra.

Click on this link to watch the full presentation “El Valor del Dato y la Inteligencia Artificial”.

Process automation projects clearly represent a great challenge.

Consequently, it is important to be surrounded by Artificial Intelligence experts such as ENAIA who are more than just one-off providers, becoming the essential sidekick to advise companies on the infinite possibilities of technology and Artificial Intelligence.

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