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multimodal ai applied to e-commerce



Automated management of product taxonomies in digital marketplaces and ERP’s. Don’t waste any more time or make any more mistakes in the classification of your products!

A company has a product catalog with thousands of references and constant changes. A correct classification is essential for the inclusion of products in their management system, digital marketplace and printed catalog. Currently this task is performed manually by employees who have other occupations and do not always give it priority. The consequence is that classifications take up a large amount of time that distracts workers from their main duties, delays and errors are made. 

To solve the task, the AI is fed an image of the product, a natural language description and other information fields, such as price and supplier. The desired result is the product classification, according to the taxonomy defined by the company.

Super powers given to your company by the Artificial Intelligence:

Hiper Speed


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(ENAIA infographic: Multimodal AI applied to e-commerce. Use case: product classification).