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multimodal ai applied to human resources


Use Case: Matching applicant profiles to job positions

Automatically determines the applicant’s suitability for a job based on the company’s history. Don’t waste any more time searching for the best profiles and make sure you always select the best applicant!

A human resources company must make the selection of an applicant for a specific job position. The number of registered applicants is very high and the range of profiles is very wide. A correct classification of the profiles is essential to ensure that the most suitable applicants are selected for the position according to their experience and skills.

Performing this task manually or with inaccurate automation tools leads to an absolute waste of time and failure to select the most suitable profiles.
To solve the task, the Multimodal AI receives the applicant’s CV, the specific description of the job (natural language processing in both cases) and other information fields relevant to the recruiting company. The desired result is a perfect and accurate classification of the best applicants according to the suitability parameters for the job position.

Super powers given to your company by the Artificial Intelligence:



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(ENAIA infographic: Multimodal AI applied to Human Resources).