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The “CenDigital: Transformación y Liderazgo” (Transformation and Leadership) sessions are coming to a close. Neuraptic has taken part as a speaker in the talk on “El Valor del Dato y la Inteligencia Artificial” (The Value of Data and Artificial Intelligence). This was a worthwhile event for all participants, particularly for companies from Navarre who are setting out on the path to digital transformation.

Neuraptic IA took part in the business meeting organised by the Navarre Business Confederation (CEN) to accompany Navarrese companies on the path to digital transformation, one of the great challenges for the future of the province’s production network.

As stated by Juan Miguel Sucunza, CEN president, “digital transformation is not an option, it is crucial for companies to survive.”

 The sessions have tackled various topics related to Industry 4.0 where major experts from leading international companies have presented their experience and success stories.

Mikel Elkano, CEO of Neuraptic, was one of the speakers in the debate on “The value of data and Artificial Intelligence”, moderated by Ana Ursúa, managing director of AIN. The talk focused on data as the basic building block for a company to operate and how it might be useful to include new technology such as Artificial Intelligence.

Elkano took part alongside Jorge Acedo, Director of R&D Control Systems Ingeteam Wind Energy, and Jacobo Garnacho, AI leader for SPGI at IBM. Acedo emphasised that Artificial Intelligence is a technology capable of offering effective answers, but it is not easy to design projects that might make good use of it. In addition, he stated that “the boom in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the business world is on a par with parallel growth of crystal ball and miracle hair growth sellers” referring to providers who sell this technology with impossible promises.

jornada de cen navarra cen digital - neuraptic inteligencia artificial
Jorge Acedo (Ingeteam), Jacobo Garnacho (IBM) and Mikel Elkano, CEO of Neuraptic, during his talk on the Value of Data and Artificial Intelligence at the CEN sessions. Photo from Diario de Navarra.

In turn Garnacho and Elkano, CEO of Neuraptic, have defended AI’s current potential to save costs and increase companies’ revenue if these tools are used correctly.

Furthermore, Mikel Elkano from the Navarrese company Neuraptic Artificial Intelligence, focussed his talk on presenting a practical guide for SMEs to make it easier to pick an AI provider and finished off by stating that Artificial Intelligence should be used to increase and improve human functions, “not replace them”.