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(Photo: Alfonso Muñoz Bisié, Alfonso Muñoz, new CEO of the technology company Neuraptic, expert in Artificial Intelligence and specialized in Machine Learning.)

Neuraptic, the Artificial Intelligence technology company specialized in Machine Learning solutions, has appointed Alfonso Muñoz Bisié as the new CEO to drive the company’s strategic plan, make it grow and internationalize it.

Alfonso Muñoz Bisié (Barcelona, Spain) has an academic background as a chemical engineer and MBA. Although he have not worked professionally as a scientist, he is irremediably marked by their way of thinking. In his career, contrary to the norm, there is a growing attraction to risk, a desire to explore new territory, to acquire new experiences and to challenge himself continuously.

Alfonso spent the first third of his career in multinational companies, with responsibilities in the areas of marketing and sales. From this phase he highlights the learning of the working methods and organization of the most advanced companies. He also took with him the interest in team and people management, which he would later develop in his training as a professional coach.

With this experience he took the plunge into entrepreneurship, something he had always wanted to do. First in a mature market such as business services. Later in the world of Startups, which has everything that reenergizes Alfonso every morning. As he says a start-up is a constant challenge, a stimulus for creativity, but also for strategy and logic. It is also an environment in which people are pushed to the limit, showing their true personality. The dynamics of the group determine success or failure and resilience is of paramount importance”.


“Neuraptic makes sense of everything I did before. You look back and think all that happened so that I can be here today”.

Alfonso Muñoz Bisié

CEO, Neuraptic

He himself tell us about Neuraptic “It makes sense of everything I did before. You look back and think all that happened so that I can be here today”. Artificial Intelligence is the technological area that will most transform our lives in the coming years and, for him, it is a privilege to work with such a brilliant team of scientists in this field, and especially with the original founders Doctors Mikel Elkano, Mikel Galar and Mikel Úriz.

Although their professional and life experiences were very different, they soon realized that they shared the same vision and values. Artificial Intelligence, like any revolution, will require a readjustment in people’s work, but the team believes that it will end up enhancing our capabilities, not replacing them, because the human brain is far from being replicated.

Alfonso and all the people who are part of Neuraptic know that they are dealing with a technology that has important ethical implications and whose oversight is one of their foundational concerns.

The key role of the company’s new CEO is to bring its scientific and technical work to the market, to internationalize it and to grow the company. Turning ENAIA into a global AIaaS is his ambition, but also a necessity to be competitive. Neuraptic wants its ENAIA solution to be protagonist bringing AI to all those companies in which it is not a Core activity and do not have their own data science teams. That is why ENAIA is a Machine Learning Operations platform that is very easy to use, that solves specific tasks for each company and that can be managed by IT teams.

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