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At this point of Industry 4.0 or the Fourth Industrial Revolution, you’re bound to have heard the term “Machine Learning” and you probably relate it to technology and even with the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Effectively, Machine Learning is a scientific discipline of Artificial Intelligence which revolves around creating systems that can learn automatically.

In this context, the “learning” concept refers to identifying complex patterns in data to make predictions. This is achieved through algorithms that review the data and predict behaviour.

This learning makes it possible for machines to perform specific tasks autonomously and even in some AI technology such as ENAIA, it can improve autonomously and endlessly, getting better day by day as it goes on analysing data.



We can differentiate three types of Machine Learning algorithms:



These Machine Learning algorithms are based on a system of labels associated with data. This makes it possible to make predictions or decisions. This type of learning uses human supervision.


The algorithms analyse the data to identify patterns that can be classified in some way. In this case, there is no type of human supervision, the AI analyses the data and creates an internal representation with no type of feedback.


The purpose of these algorithms is learning from experience. In this type of technology, the algorithm must be capable of making the best decision in various situations through a process of trial and error.

As we embrace digital transformation, Machine Learning applications in companies are infinite. Even users, in our day and age, can appreciate its usability and its great potential in business strategies.


To quote one example, we might talk about advertising recommendations we receive as we browse the internet according to our prior browsing history; configuration of electrical appliances, Domotics and smart vehicles according to our preferences or application of Artificial Intelligence in the field of medicine, used to detect diseases earlier.


As you can see, Machine Learning is a new business goldmine, and any successful business strategy must explore its possibilities and make them profitable with the most appropriate Artificial Intelligence.

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