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What is No Code AI?



Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic. In the past, the concept itself took us to future times, however, nowadays, AI is an essential and urgent technology for every single company no matter the sector. To not jump on the bandwagon is to be left behind, part of a frightened rearguard overtaken by its competitors.  So why are companies reluctant to implement Artificial Intelligence in their businesses?

Many of them claim that AI technologies and their implementation are too expensive. In addition, they share the perception that the access to AI is exclusive to large corporations and think that there are no suitable solutions for a wider range of companies. Or they believe that should have a large amount of data, very well structured, to achieve this.

This is the reason for the birth of No Code Machine Learning platforms, the accessible alternative to AI solutions. An easy, affordable and suitable option for all kind of companies, such as the AIaaS platform ENAIA.

No Code AI

What exactly is No Code AI?

It is Artificial Intelligence more accessible to businesses and the general public. No Code AI makes it possible to implement AI and Machine Learning models without using code, through an intuitive and user-friendly platform that does not require data scientists and that can be integrated into the company’s systems, or into its products, by the IT team (via REST API in the case of ENAIA).

In this way, it is possible to build robust and efficient AI models that can be brought into production in a short period of time. Platforms such as ENAIA do not require previous experience and knowledge in Artificial Intelligence, and in turn, allow programmers and software developers to easily integrate with any other application to read data or deliver results.


ENAIA Inteligencia Artificial para empresas NEURAPTIC

No Code AI

Why is it so important and necessary?

Most companies cannot afford a datascience team. No Code AI is so important because it makes AI reachable for all types of companies and can be implemented by its IT departments or suppliers. It accelerates the penetration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in business processes, in a variety of products or in our own lives, empowering the capabilities of human beings.




ENAIA, AIaaS platform, is designed to be suitable to companies of any size across all industries. It has the ability to create fully operational AI models for any task, no matter how specific. It does this from different types of data, single or combined (tables, images and natural language). It does not require large amounts of data and its users do not need programming or AI skills.

Moreover, any developer can integrate it via REST API in the applications commonly used by the company.

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